Finally having come through the Physical and Cosmic Planes, it is now time to take a look at the final Plane of our Subtle Body, the Divine Plane.

The Divine Plane is the third stage of Alchemy. It is the development of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th subtle bodies that we call Light Body Yin, Light Body Yang, Divine Body Yin and Divine Body Yang. The Divine Plane is also the plane where the Physical and Cosmic bodies unite that brings about enlightenment and we become the creator of our own destiny.

The First body in the Plane is the Light Yin Body. This Body is built by the Cosmic Body bottom up, but once it’s built, it doesn’t die with each incarnation. It’s carried from one life to the next. This body puts one in direct contact with the world of Divine Archetypes, (Angels and Archangels).

Next comes the Light Yang Body which permits access to higher energy in this life for advanced healing, to raise consciousness and to change the course of destiny.

Next comes the Divine Body Yin, which is the first contact point with one’s Divine energy and power. It’s also the source of the Upper Chi which will feed the lower bodies, including the Physical Body with new potentials to actualize, new health, and new power.

And finally, we have the Divine Body Yan which is the source of the Light and Enlightenment and the doorway that leads to the dimensions of the Creation. Once this body is developed and Enlightenment is achieved, we will be able to use its True Superior Power and Consciousness to create our life.

The aim of our life here on earth is not to be simple extinguished as we are, but to actualize and become the divine beings that we are. Very few of us realize our true potentials as divine beings, and continue to live their lives in the 3rd Dimension without moving up the realms. Know that you are more than just your thoughts, your physical body, your emotions, your labels and titles. You choose whom you want to be. Be Powerful. Be YOU.

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