Numerology is a magical source of inspiration, insight and manifestation, but how do you access this infinite Universal wisdom?

One of the simplest ways for you to do this is getting to know your Life Path Number (Sum of all the numbers in your birthdate eg: 01 Jan 2021 = 1+1+2+2+1 = 6). However, knowing this number may not be enough and may have very little impact on your actual reality.  

Numerology can help you with manifesting what you want for the new year.
The truth is, you have access to the most magical manifesting power at your fingertips: numbers.

Zero: The Zero-Point is the creative field of unlimited possibilities where everything comes from. The zero is the starting point of all manifestation and the source from which all the other numbers come…

It is NEVER talked about in this field, yet is it absolutely necessary if you want to rise above your limitations, move beyond your family programming and manifest impossible things…

One: The number 1 brings forth the energy of independence. When you activate the number 1, you give the Universe your exact location so it can deliver its abundant gifts directly to you. And this is why the number 1 is associated with instant manifestation in Numerology. The 1 is a direct conduit between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Two: The number 2 brings forth the energy of receptivity; the energy of letting what you want INTO your life. When you activate the number 2, it’s like having a tractor beam at your disposal, that pulls what you desire into your reality.

Three: The number 3 brings forth the energy of self-expression; the ability to direct what is inside of you, outward into the world to influence your reality!  When you activate the number 3 in your life you actually get to SEE your words come to life and your dreams become reality.

Four: The number 4 brings forth the energy of practicality; of using the physical clay of reality – the four elements – to make what matters to you solid. When you activate the power of the number 4 you can bring your desires down to Earth at a much faster rate, and there they’ll stay thanks to the 4 walls keeping them safe. 

Five: The number 5 brings forth the energy of change and movement; it’s the force that improves, makes things bigger, and more exciting! When you activate the number 5, you can expect rapid, positive changes in your life! 

Six: The number 6 that brings forth the energy of nourishment and love; it’s the force that feeds and nurtures what you most want to grow. When you activate the number 6, what you want BLOOMS and grows right before your eyes! 

Seven: The number 7 brings forth spiritual support; it enhances your connection to the invisible and intelligent forces of the Universe! When you activate the number 7, you get VIP access to the Universe’s grand plan for you.

Eight: The number 8 brings you authority over your reality; it helps you accumulate power, resources and infinite abundance! When you activate the power of the 8, YOU are put in the driver’s seat as the creator and influencer of your reality and rapid manifestation ensures.

Nine: The number 9 brings forth the energy of humanitarianism; of wanting things not just for yourself but also for others. When you activate the number 9 you create a world-level ripple effect of positive change! It’s truly beautiful to reach this level of manifestation, where you’re using your love, joy and abundance to support and lift others.

Now that you have a basic overview of the power of numbers, next week we will take a look at how you can use them.

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