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Our bodies are made up of complex energy systems with energy flowing through or around our body.

Sometimes, due to the life experiences we may have,  we end up with energy blocks that can compromise our bodies, relationships and overall health. In these moments we not only feel stuck, depressed, worried and dissatisfied with aspects of our life, but because our vibration frequency is ,misaligned, we end up attracting more of such experiences that send us spiraling deeper into negativity.

As an Energy Healer & Teacher, I work with you to identify and release these blocks that can be energetic in nature or brought about  by the beliefs that were reinforced by the environment we group up in as children.

You were put on this earth to live life at your highest and truest expression.  To experience happiness, excitement and fun as you empower yourself through discovering everything there is to discover about yourself and the world.

My work is to help you restore the flow of energy and to heal these energetic and emotional blocks that keep you from living your potential.

My Modality: Tuning Inwards & Inner Alchemy

By teaching you how to Tune Inwards towards your core being, I work at shifting and moving around old and stagnant energy that causes energy blocks.

This transformational energy healing process is designed to heal you from within and transform negative energy into positive, high vibrating energy that is in alignment with your higher being. You will experience an immediate release, feel lighter and notice that you no longer subscribe to the patterns that were keeping you stuck in the past.  You can sleep better, you naturally feel better and you can even manifest your goals and visions quicker. Your relationship with yourself and others improve and you generally feel like you are in a better space.

With Inner Alchemy I work with through Holistic Life Coaching Programs to reclaim your power and set you on your true life course. Each session focuses on transformation, healing, and empowerment. While the benefits are immediate, the recommended number of sessions will vary depending on the type of issue or goal you need help with, and the strength and history of your interfering thought patterns.

By realigning your intention and vibration using energy therapy, I help you reconnect to your greater power and teach you how to finally get what you want, whether it is making positive behavior changes, improving your relationships with others, achieving your goals, or simply just feeling better.

I use a multimodal Healing approach to help you become the person you were meant to be.

Once can chose to go back towards safety or forward towards growth. Growth must be chosen again and again, fear must be overcome again and again.

Abraham Maslow
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A Healer, a Teacher, a Leader, a Creatrix and an Alchemist

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