Energy Alchemy & Life Coaching

Energy Alchemy & Metaphysics

Our bodies are made up of complex energy systems with energy flowing through or around our body.

Sometimes, due to the life experiences we may have,  we end up with energy blocks that can compromise our bodies, relationships and overall health. In these moments we not only feel stuck, depressed, worried and dissatisfied with aspects of our life, but because our vibration frequency is misaligned, we end up attracting more of such experiences that send us spiraling deeper into negativity.

My work, as an Energy Alchemist, Healer, Teacher & Coach, is to help identify and release these energetic & emotional blocks that keep you from living your potential and to restore the flow of energy.

Energy Tune Ups (Healing Sessions)

Don’t know where to begin your Spiritual Journey? How about you start with Tuning Inwards. They say the paths may vary, but the destination remains the same.

Try one of my Energy Healing Sessions directed at identifying, clearing and releasing energy blocks that keep your from living your potential. Once the blocks are cleared and your energy has been healed, you are able to move through your own awakening process and journey to bring your magic into the world.

By using and combining several healing modalities such as Intitive Energy Healing, Chakra Alignment, Sound Vibration, along with Guided Meditation and Breathwork and some Tarot / Oracle Card reading for Personal Development, you will begin to feel the shift almost Immediately!

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Signature Courses

My purpose in this life is to teach you how to become the Healers, Teachers and Leaders you were meant to be. Through the Silver Moon Academy I curate courses that you can add to your basket of tools and skills as you move along your Spiritual Journeys and help others to walk the path of transformation, just as you did.

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Personalized mulitmodal one-on-one Metaphysical Life Coaching sessions that help you discover how to shift and move around old and stagnant energy causing energy blocks in your Mind, Body, Life and Soul.

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You were put on this earth to live life at your highest and truest expression.  To experience happiness, excitement and fun as you empower yourself through discovering everything there is to discover about yourself and the world.

Once can chose to go back towards safety or forward towards growth. Growth must be chosen again and again, fear must be overcome again and again.

Abraham maslow

Services Offered:

  • Energy Alignment & Healing
  • Metaphysical Life Coaching
  • Outdoor Therapy
  • Business Energetics

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