This week we dive deeper into the next three layers of our Subtle Bodies that make up the Cosmic Plane.

The Cosmic Plane is the second stage of Alchemy. It is the development of the 4th, 5th and 6th subtle bodies that we call Spirit, Atma and Cosmic. The Cosmic Plane is where we radiate spiritually and we enter the early stages of Enlightenment.

The First layer of the Cosmic Plane is the Spirit Body.  This layer envelopes the Soul Body (in the Physical Plane) and, depending on our level of consciousness, this Body may or may not be part of our immortal self. This means, we recreate one for each time we are “reincarnated”. The difference between the soul and spirit is the Soul Body is recreated in each life while Spirit Body is recreated for each soul incarnation. Simply put, the soul dies together with the physical body and recreated each time, where by the Spirit is timeless and immortal and is the same in all incarnations 

The Spirit Body is also the seat of all acquired talents, know-how and knowledge that we might recover from past lives into this one. It is also the source of all personal power and ultimately of any creative function we might have. This explains why people who have been incarnated with this Body already developed have no difficulty manifesting their inspirations and achieving Self-Realization.

The next layer in the Cosmic Body is the Atmic Body. This body contains the memories of past lives and is the seat of Karma and the inner energetic eyes (3rd eye). When this Body is fully developed it indicates that the person has reached a certain level of consciousness and power.

The Final layer in the Cosmic plane, is the Cosmic Body. This Body carries our immortal consciousness of the Self from one life to another. This layer is so important that it is also the source of the higher layers that usually do not exist in a given individual. The higher layers are the product of hard spiritual work in many lives. The Cosmic Body is the center of our Divine Self and the door to our individual potential for becoming Divine.

Next week we look at the final set of Subtle Bodies that make up the Divine Plane.

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