What a 1:1 Healing / Coaching Session with me Looks Like

How Long do your Sessions Last? How Many Sessions do you Recommend

My 1:1 Energy Healing and Metaphysical Coaching Sessions lasts anywhere between 60 – 90 Mins. I usually start of with an Initial Session that will determine how many more sessions you will require.

What are your Charges Per Session?

My Sessions are intuitively prices at Kshs. 8,500 per session. This could change in the future. There is a fair amount of Energy Work that goes into each session.

What Modalities do you use in your Sessions?

Each session is unique, and it is usually difficult to predict what Modality(s) I will be guided to use for a session until I actually start working with you. I can certainly say that all my sessions include a mix of:

What can one expect after the sessions?

Great, Big, Huge Shifts! Not just in your Energetic Systems, but in your life too. Working on your Energetic Blocks helps you also clear away Physical, Emotional and YEARS of Mental Blocks that have caused you to lead your life the way you have all this time.

You begin to release patterns, thoughts and behaviors that have kept you trapped in situations that have not been in your Highest Interest. You also start becoming more attuned with what aligns with your personal energy and begin to “Tune in” to the frequency of what you really desire and start manifesting more of these experiences in life.

How Does one Book a Session with you?

Here is a link that you can use to schedule a session. Alternatively you can fill out this form and I will be happy to reach out:

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