The metamorphosis stage in a Caterpillar’s life is the most difficult, I would think.

When it reaches this stage, it probably feels like it’s whole world has caved in. It probably has the worst thoughts about life, the universe, even itself at this moment. It sees nothing but darkness. An end.

While it is just about getting used to being in this “Dark Space”, he experiences some uncomfortable moments.  But then when it realizes what is really going on in the chrysalis, it starts focusing on thoughts & feelings of reflection from lack & limitation to recognizing the true power & beauty within. It then emerges as the butterfly, and sees there is a whole new amazing world to discover! It knows that it is ok to be free, to dance, to run, to skip, to play, TO BE.

Using this metaphor of the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into the butterfly, your view of yourself can be limited. Like a caterpillar, you were once a tiny speck of your universe of who you thought you were. Then you go inward and recognize your true power.

When you focus on anything that goes against the quality of well-being – dark thoughts, feelings or behaviors – you start operating from a place of darkness. The only place that you should be operating from is a space of pure love, freedom, creativity, & expansion!

When you look within you will realize that you are a powerful being & nothing can affect you because you know the truth & that you are a being of love. And poof! You’ve gone through your transformation. You’ve transcended your shadow; you’ve cleared & cleaned it into the Light.

It’s all about going within and recognizing what labels conditions and limitations have been put on you by yourself or by darkness.  Face your fears & run towards your darkness.

You are the butterfly!

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