One of the things that I believe in, as an Energy Intuitive and Teacher, is the Alchemy of Change.

As humans, we were not created to remain the same. We are an ever-evolving race and this means learning to transform, transcend and transmute at all times.

Change is inevitable and usually painful, but if done with acceptance and grace,                                                                                         it becomes easy to handle and make sense of. This week I go through one of the three stages of change that spark of the alchemical process of turning you from lead into gold: from who you are to who you were meant to be.

Transformation: The Transformation of Self, The Awakening.

Culture, education religion, belief, values and even our own minds have deceived us into believing that we are living authentic lives.

With the help of some life changing experiences, we begin to awaken to the realization that this is not the reality we are meant to be accepting or thriving in. There is another world, an inner mystical one and sacred to the spirit (soul). How do we discover this?  usually through stillness, a silence of the senses. Through meditation.

When transformation begins, you begin to question everything about religion, science, arts, belief systems, societal norms and even aspects of culture you are familiar with. You begin to receive labels such “breakaway”, “rebel”, “heretic”.

Don’t stop now. There has to be a beginning to everything. This Transformation from “part of the system” to “questioning the system” is your beginning. Keep Tuning Inwards.

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