Getting Grounded…

….an effective way to cope with anxiety.

June 5 Marks World Environment Day. As a nature enthusiast (you can call me a Dendrophile, a Nemophile, an Orophile, an Autophile, an Opacarophile) (Oh! I am also a Javaphile and a Bibliophile  ), while there is not much that we can do outdoors to appreciate mother nature at the moment,  we can definitely take advantage of what she has to offer us.

Undoubtedly, every one of us has been dealing with high anxiety levels over the past few months, allowing many of us to seek out new modalities for managing stress. Many of us have found that tuning inwards helps connect with certain calm during these uncertain times.

Connecting with our inner selves and practicing self-love can transform our anguish into freedom, and today, I would like to bring to you one more Transformational tool for finding your inner calm: Grounding.

Grounding, also known as earthing, connects our body to the Earth to restore the balance we need to maintain optimal health and healing.

Grounding is practiced by walking barefoot or sitting outside amidst nature. The Earth has an infinite supply of electromagnets, which when we connect with through grounding, flow naturally into our body releasing any static electrical energy.

Grounding has been practiced by mankind since the beginning of time. Our ancestors have walked the Earth barefoot to connect to the Earth and work with its healing energy and to cure ailments such as inflammation, chronic pain, impaired sleep, low energy levels, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Grounding has been found to also normalize the body’s biological rhythms, relive headaches and muscle tension.

If you have not tried Grounding, now is probably the best time to do so.  You will immediately experience static electrical energy draining away and feeling more calm and energized.

How to Get Grounded:

 Step 1:  Go Outside – even into the backyard – and sit, walk, or stand on grass, dirt, etc., for at least 30 minutes. If you can’t manage 30 mins a day, even three to five minutes will help you feel better and connected to instant calm.

Alternate:  If you are not able to access the outdoors, you could sit by a houseplant, open your windows to get fresh air and bring the Outdoors, indoors!

Step 2: Breathe in and out. Allow yourself to take in all of the beneficial aspects of nature as you embrace its healing capacity. Feel the grass under your feet. Look up to the sky, let the sunlight fall over you, and smell the fresh air. Listen to sounds of nature. Let all your senses be involved in this activity as you become more present and connect to the Earth even more.

Step 3: Give Thanks. Gratitude, during these times is very important. There is a lot to be thankful for. As you breathe in and out, use the moment to focus on appreciation. Send love to the Earth, to your community, to the world, and to all that is well.

No matter how you chose to ground yourself, taking time each day to practice will help combat blues and anxiety and connect us back to what truly matters, our connection with our self and the Earth.

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