Year of Yes!

Dear Creator of Life,

If you are getting tired of the same old patterns and stories of survival holding you back from truly knowing, trusting and loving yourself, fulfilling your potential, showing up in your power and creating the life, love, work and wellbeing you desire…

If you long to be free from the narrative of fear, scarcity and disempowerment in one or more areas of your life and become the author of a truer story of aliveness and abundance that heals, frees and empowers you and others… 

If you’ve been needing the motivation and support to finally say Yes to You consistently, and do the real work of knowing, accepting and changing yourself from within…

Then Year of Yes! Is for you…

What Is Year of Yes!

Year of Yes! is a 6-Week Life and Self-Creation Journey that will inspire and support you in creating a more alive, empowered and abundant version of you in every major aspect of your life, by changing the concept and story you have of yourself from within and manifesting the reality you want.

As you navigate change on the outside, Year of You will guide you through an essential creative transformation on the inside, by deepening and healing your relationship with yourself FIRST, and thus transforming the way you experience the world around you.

Think of Year of Yes! as a Life Course! Each week we take an in-depth look at one main aspect of your life, and challenge + inspire you to do the inner work, let go of what no longer works for you, and turn your stories of survival into a truer, more fulfilling story of aliveness, in every main area of life. 

Through Videos, Guides and Meditations, Year of Yes! will be your Roadmap to a more alive, abundant, creative and purpose-filled life.

Are you Ready?

Fulfill your purpose. Fall in step with your higher self and your most beneficial path.

Week 1 :

Your NEW! Identity, Mission, Vision & Purpose

Week 2 :

Creative Expression

Week 3 :

Work & Life Balance

Energetics Release Healing Session

Week 4 :

Spiritual Inteligence

Week 5 :

Work & Money

Week 6 :


Energetic Integration Healing Session


  • Kes. 47,500 (USD 450.00) – Pay in Full Option
  • Kes. 10,000 (USD 100) – Weekly Payments paid Before Each Session


  • Access to Facebook Group with all Resources, Materials and Coaching Videos
  • 6 x Weekly 1:1 Sessions (These last upto 2hrs so please plan well)
  • 2 x Energy Release & Integration Healing Session
  • Unlimited Support throughout the program

To Sign Up Get in touch with Me

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