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Perhaps you are interested in Energy Healing and would like to become a Healer. Maybe you already are a Healer and would like to hone and expand your skills. Sign up for my courses to transform your healing practice by transcending traditional healing processes.

Learn about Energy Healing and how it works. Expand your intuitive powers and develop your personal gifts.

Leaderhip & Mentoring


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Design your Life

By introducing subtle energy shifts, discover how to creatively design the life that you want.

Discover your Life Purpose

A masterclass in discovering your true purpose and how to step into your power.

Bring Mindfulness to your Life

As we draw closer to the end of 2020, let’s be mindful about the things that 2020 brought to our lives.

Introduction to Shadow Work

Understand, Identify and Integrate your Shadow in this 4-part interactive workshop where we take a look at why we do what we do and how to change this.

Going Deeper with you Chakras

Chakras not only influence your health but also how you relate to the outside world. This workshop is all about understanding and knowing how to claim your power back.

Conscious Living – what is is all about?

Are we aware of your life choices? What influences them? How can we be more authentic in the roles that we play at home, at work and in our relationships.

How Does Color Therapy Work

Colors have a great impact on our internal and external locus. Here’s how you discover how to use the Power of Color Therapy.

Corporate Training : How do you work

A mindful and aware team gets work done better. Interested to know how to super charge and motivate your team, find out more.

Introduction to Breathwork

Breath is important in so many aspects of our being. Learn proper breathing techniques ad experience how breathing can influence your daily life.

I really enjoyed the Color Therapy Workshop. I have never looked or thought of colors the way Alia explained them. I am now conscious of the colors that I wear and why I pick them. Thank you for this insightful Workshop.

– mala

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