Welcome to Module 2

This program is for you, if you feel ready to develop a committed personal practice that uncovers many layers and levels of conditioning and negative and low frequency energy, creating space for you to bring your energy to a higher and more positive vibration while understanding how to work co-creatively with the Universe to achieve your highest purpose,


Course Details

Duration: 8 weeks per Module


  • Module 2: Ksh. 36,000 (USD 360.00)


  • Group Coaching Sessions and Discussions throughout the program to obtain guidance, connect with your community, and receive feedback.
  • Downloads of all included group coaching sessions and discussions
  • One-on-One Healing & Coaching Session
  • Guided meditations and visualizations
  • PDF handouts where applicable to assist with understanding
  • Unlimited Support

If you are interested in signing up, fill up the form below with your details and I’ll get back to you.


Become your Own Alchemy Module 2 (Inner Alchemy)

Now that you have understood and experienced the power of your Energy, it’s time to take a step deeper into the Energetic Realm. Meet your subtle bodies, your guides and learn how to help others with your new found energy.


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