Past Life Regression

Unlocking the Keys to your Past

It’s time to take a trip down Memory Lane.

We are all on a spiritual journey, experiencing the growth of our Soul across many lifetimes. How have you progressed? What lessons have you learned? In what ways is Spirit still calling you to grow? Through Past Life Regression, you will be able to actually see who you were in other lifetimes.

If you feel stuck in life, unable to accomplish a goal or a dream, or continue to make the same poor choices or have addictions or bad habits, Past Life Regression can help unlock revealing memories from other lifetimes that may show how & where these blockages occurred. We carry emotional and energetic memories of past failures & achievements, broken hearts, injuries and even death from one lifetime to the next. If your Soul is fragmented across several lifetimes, it can create real areas of blockage in this lifetime. ​

Using a combination of Relaxational Centering, Guided Meditation, Open Visualization, Reiki Energy and other techniques, you will be able to access other lifetimes you have lived and begin the restoration process.

What’s Available:

Informational Session (US$55.00)

This 60-minute session is a good starting point to help you feel more comfortable if you are beginning your journey of Self-discovery, or if you are new to the type of work I offer. It can be used to get to know each other, to ask lots of questions, and/or to learn more about Spiritual Therapy, Past Life Regression, the Emotional Healing session or the Life-Between-Lives session. It would allow me to more thoroughly explain how the other sessions work and why they are effective at healing, growing and evolving.

Past Life Regression

First time clients interested in Past Life Regression should schedule this session. It is also for returning clients who wish to have a more in-depth, extended session. A Past Life Regression is a way to gain insight, growth and healing from accessing your own inner wisdom. It provides deep, spiritual learning from a higher perspective that helps you more easily move through life. This session allows time for you to share your goals for the session, and also for me to explain how to allow the information to come to you so you feel more comfortable and confident in the experience. We’ll also spend time after the regression processing your experience. Sessions last between 2 and 2.5 hours, depending on client’s needs.

Emotional Healing & Awakening Session

This session is designed for clients new to this technique, or experienced clients who prefer an extended session. It releases the energy of self-defeating beliefs and emotions from current life experiences that hold a firm grip in the subconscious mind and the cellular memory of the physical body. It’s an efficient and effective way to heal and release the emotional roots of anxiety, depression or other “stuck” feelings from your present life, thereby freeing yourself of a layer of limiting beliefs. Clients have the option of working with DNA Healing, Genetic Lines Healing, Karmic Wheel, Atoms & Pineal Gland Healing. Sessions last between 2 and 3 hours, depending on client’s needs.

Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapy

This 4-hour session enables you to very deeply tune into and resonate with the eternal soul aspect of yourself to understand your soul’s journey and purpose. Bring a list of any questions that you want answered, or any other information that you would like to receive. A past life regression is required first.

Spiritual Therapy

This session is a one-hour talk-level therapy session with a spiritual perspective to help you grow, evolve and awaken. It may also be used to help process and integrate the insights, healing and wisdom gained from your Higher Self during a Past Life Regression, Emotional Healing session or a Life-Between-Lives session.

Repeater Sessions

These 90-minute sessions are option for clients who are experienced with past life regression therapy and prefer a shorter session. It is an effective technique for continued clarity, insight or therapeutic healing on all levels — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will directly experience the free and transcendent aspect of yourself in each session.

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