The Mountain Within

Healing what’s Inside, by getting Outside

As a mountaineer, I learned a great deal about life on the mountains and realized the importance of having not just physical strength, but also strong mental and emotional abilities.

While we tend to focus on the forces outside of us that pose a challenge or a threat to us in one way or another, the truth is, we all have a Mountain Within which we need to climb and conquer.

It may be challenges we are facing in our daily lives, at work or in the relationships that we foster. It may be our fears, or the unhealed parts of ourselves that stand in the way of discovering our true selves and our purpose.

Science has shown that being outdoors reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, elevates mood and even improve memory. But what if these benefits of being outdoors is merged with outdoor healing techniques that restore the soul, appreciating nature as a source of healing the mind and bringing peace?

Which is why The Mountain Within was created.

A pioneer and first of its kind, Outdoor Healing programme, The Mountain Within (TMW) will help you live a life of significance by overcoming your challenges in an innovative and creative way. It will help you realize what you need to heal and overcome to follow your calling and make whatever mountains you have to climb easier and a lot more rewarding. 

TMW allows you to engage in a process that includes the whole person — body, mind, spirit.  It gets you outside, providing a change of scenery or environment in support of changing your perspective. It challenges you to push past your self-perceived limitations, to form a deeper relationship with yourself and Nature and to open up to the signs, symbols and synchronicities that nature provides.

Together with Women who Hike Africa, I facilitate “The Mountain Within” Outdoor Therapy Program, where we tune in to the healing powers of nature in locations that range from scenic mountain summits and forests to quaint and quiet resorts.

You will feel noticeably more open, grounded, and balanced when you are outside. Connected to something greater than yourself

While TMW programme involves:

  • Engaging in Mindfulness practices in nature
  • Opening up your senses and becoming aware of your own personal power in the outdoors
  • Challenging and pushing past your limits through hiking.
  • Discovering your metaphor for life, health, death, resilience, and more in nature
  • Understanding the power of your breath
  • Disconnecting from technology or our daily routines and slowing down to earth time
  • Mindful Creativity by creating art within the natural world
  • Tuning Inwards using Forest Bathing, Grounding, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Art Therapy to heal.

The Mountain Within is available in two variants:

Healing through Hiking

A Single Day Outdoor Healing Excursion that may include a combination of the following:

Forest Bathing &Hiking, Grounding and Meditation, Yoga, Intuitive Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Mentorship & Life Coaching, Art Therapy.  

Tuning Inwards: Healing through Nature

A multi-day Outdoor Healing Retreat focused on healing trough adventure.

We return to our roots, to nature to re-connect with ourselves. This is an Outdoor Healing Adventure that puts you in touch with nature and exposes you to the vicissitudes of the great outdoors.  

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