The metamorphosis stage in a Caterpillar’s life is the most difficult, I would think. When it reaches this stage, it probably feels like it’s whole world has caved in. It probably has the worst thoughts about life, the universe, even itself at this moment. It sees nothing but darkness. An end. While it is justContinue reading TRUE TRANSFORMATION IS AN INNER JOURNEY

Stepping into your Power

It’s the month of love and a lot of us are going to be rooting for ourselves. YES to Self Love! But what is this phenomenon, “Self-Love” all about? I was chatting with a girlfriend and she happened to mention that Self-Love is akin to Self-Care. Where you dedicate spending time, money and emotions onContinue reading “Stepping into your Power”

Self Love in the time of Corona

These are testing times. In addition to all the precautions we are taking to keep ourselves and our loved one’s “safe” and “engaged”, many of us are dealing with heightened states of anxiety. So while we are busy fighting to maintain normalcy amidst the chaos, are we considering our emotional health? From a spiritual standpoint, self-loveContinue reading “Self Love in the time of Corona”