As an Energy Healer and Alchemist, I often get asked for proof whether Energy exists and whether Energy Healing really works. For my skeptic friends out there, and for those who believe in science backed facts, let me present to you The Ampere’s Law. “Ampere’s Law is a basic law of physics that explains theContinue reading “WHAT SCIENCE HAS TO SAY ABOUT ENERGY HEALING”

Nature’s Healing Energies

“If you feel drawn to a particular place outdoors in nature, try to go there (even if just in your mind).” Research confirms what many have observed: that nature has healing energies. For those who know me, know that I am an avid Hiker. I live for the outdoors. I used to look forward toContinue reading “Nature’s Healing Energies”

Is Healing Necessary?

Healing is necessary on a Soul, Mind and Physical Level (mind you, this also includes your environment). Sometimes, our mental, physical and spiritual “bodies” are not in sync. We go through certain, thoughts, feeling and emotions that we cannot understand or reason out where they are coming from. Because the the soul has no language,Continue reading “Is Healing Necessary?”

Getting Grounded…

….an effective way to cope with anxiety. June 5 Marks World Environment Day. As a nature enthusiast (you can call me a Dendrophile, a Nemophile, an Orophile, an Autophile, an Opacarophile) (Oh! I am also a Javaphile and a Bibliophile  ), while there is not much that we can do outdoors to appreciate mother nature at the moment,  we can definitely take advantage of what she hasContinue reading “Getting Grounded…”