The metamorphosis stage in a Caterpillar’s life is the most difficult, I would think. When it reaches this stage, it probably feels like it’s whole world has caved in. It probably has the worst thoughts about life, the universe, even itself at this moment. It sees nothing but darkness. An end. While it is justContinue reading TRUE TRANSFORMATION IS AN INNER JOURNEY

Leading an Empowered Life Part 3 : Activities…

Do we truly know how to lead a good life? Do we know what truths we need to seek in order to understand what would make a difference between pain and suffering in our life? How do we recognize a wise choice from a foolish one? Realizing that you are already on the road toContinue reading “Leading an Empowered Life Part 3 : Activities…”

Leading an Empowered Life Part 2: Practices

This week we look at various Practices that can help us lead an Empowered Life. Living an empowered life means living an unlimited life full of achievement, possibilities, and happiness. However, not many are able to live the life they desire, not because they don’t have the talent, but because they do not have theContinue reading “Leading an Empowered Life Part 2: Practices”

Leading an Empowered Life : Part 1

Empowerment means accessing and marshaling all the passion, power and purpose you have inside you, so that you can live and work as you truly want to. Everyone is all about “Empowerment” these days. But what really is Empowerment?  Empowerment can be defined as becoming “aware” of what is required to live a well, meaningful,Continue reading “Leading an Empowered Life : Part 1”