Module 1


We begin our learning with an Introduction to Energy Healing.

In this Module we learn, more deeply about ourselves, and what has been affecting us up until now. We discover where we have been giving away our power and why.

We come to understand the micro and macro levels of Energy and how it affects and influences us.

We will take a deeper look at our life and life choices and discern why particular events affected us more deeply than the rest, and what was that one singular event that made us come here. To Heal. To Learn.


Week 1: Introduction & Tuning Inwards (Includes Self-Work & Meditation)

We start of with an Understanding of What Energy is and Look at some of the Blocks that exist within us. We look at Belief Systems and Limiting Beliefs as we learn how to release old conditioning patterns and any karmic agreements or vows that we may have taken.

We release and detach from any energy cords that keep us stuck in our present situation as we go deeper with our Self Awareness journey using introspection and integration.

Beliefs & Limitations Home works / Reflections)Clearing chakra blocks, fear consciousness, and karmic bindings

Week 2: Group Coaching & Discussions on the Limiting Beliefs

Our Group Coaching Session will take us deeper into the teachings and learning from Week 1 as we jointly discuss the Self -Work answers that we came up with.

Week 3: Introduction to Chakras and Energy (includes Self-Work & Visualizations)

We start to delve into the waters of our being with an understanding of our Energy Centers, the Chakras, and how Energy influences them.

We will tread deeper into the waters of our very own Energy Systems and identify the root causes of any blocks, how to identify them and how to clear them.

Week 4 Group Coaching  and Discussion’s on Chakras & Energy

Our Group Coaching Session will help answer any questions we may have, or discoveries we may have made about ourselves while working and observing our personal Energy System.

Week 5: Q & A and Open Discussions (Includes Personal Healing Sessions)

How are we doing so far? It’s a good time to check in mid-course and see how we are all doing.

During this week I will also be conducting one-on-one Personal Healing Sessions, to help with release of any energy blocks on your chakras making it easier for you to connect to your personal energy

Week 6: Introduction to Breath Work & Meditation (Includes Self-Work & Meditations)

It’s not time to start learning some basic tools of Energy Healing. This week we familiarize ourselves with the power of our breath and how Meditation can help with Energy Healing. We clear any myths there may be about Meditation and discover ways where we can access this powerful healing technique anytime, anywhere.

Week 7: Group Coaching & Discussion, pre-amble for Reiki Level 1 Training & Attunement

In our final Group Coaching session we take care of any challenges that we may have faced in our last Self-Work as we prepare ourselves for our first Reiki Level 1 attunement.

Week 8: Reiki Level 1 and Attunement

Reiki is simple to learn and it is an amazing and powerful healing technique for calming and re-energizing your mind, body and spirit, for healing and bringing balance to yourself, your family and friends.

Reiki level 1 is the start of a beautiful journey where you will how to transform your own energy for self-healing and growth.

For more details on Reiki Level 1, click here.

Course Details

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: Kes, 20,000 (USD 200.00)


  • Group Coaching Sessions and Discussions throughout the program to obtain guidance, connect with your community, and receive feedback.
  • Downloads of all included group coaching sessions and discussions
  • One-on-One Healing & Coaching Session
  • Guided meditations and visualizations
  • PDF handouts where applicable to assist with understanding
  • Unlimited Support
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