Inner Alchemy

Discover your Life Purpose through Transformational Life Coaching

Alchemy is a secret ancient practice that has as a purpose the transformation of the ordinary metals such as copper and lead into precious metals, particularly gold.

Inner Alchemy can be described as the process of purifying ourselves to  transform our ordinary states or energies into superior energies or states of consciousness so that we can hold more of universal energy.

On a daily basis each human being is confronted with a multitude of sensations, perceptions, thoughts and emotions that form a subjective reality. Alchemy provides us with the means to better understand ourselves, the universe we live in, and our purpose in life.

However, this does not happen overnight. It takes time, patience and commitment to turn the lead of our negative thoughts, beliefs, emotional patterns and subconscious programming into the gold of our inner consciousness.

This is where I come in. I mentor people who have a burning desire within them to discover why they are here and who they are really meant to be.

I offer two transformational Coaching programs that combine modalities that not only work on the mental, but also on an emotional and spiritual level.

Along with these two life impacting Coaching Sessions I also offer a Mentorship Programe, where I empower you with the skills, gifts and tools to go out into the world and live out your purpose as a Healer & Coach.

My goal as an Alchemist is to put the power where it belongs: in your hands. The combination of Life Coaching and Energy Work has the potential to make deep and impactful changes in your own life.

Holistic NLP is a new approach that has evolved from standard NLP and goes much deeper into the self and beyond the mind. Holistic NLP integrates spirituality with traditional NLP.

Her reading was very good and on target, her told me what i needed her answered my every question kindly and patiently. Thank you for the time and effort that has been given. God bless

— Steven

I definitely recommend her! She was accurate in the reading and was definitely assuring on the topics the cards brought up.

— Felix Sahchez

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