Life Coaching & Energy Work

Transform your Life

My goal as an Alchemist is to put the power where it belongs: in your hands. The combination of Life Coaching and Energy Work has the potential to make deep and impactful changes in your own life.

Working with me is a whole new experience, because when we work together, we work with pure ENERGY. We discover the Energy Healing needed to clear any roadblocks to your success. We dive deep what is holding you back, and clear out old patterns. 

I use Reiki along with Transformational Life Coaching techniques to heal the physical root of your problems working through limitations and fear that may be holding you back. As your physical body begins to heal, your inner self can experience new levels of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being, allowing you to see things with more clarity and purpose.

Complimentary 45 Minute “Inner Revolution” Session

This is an invitation to those of you who want to create great change in your life and an opportunity to go within.

During this time we will:

  • Talk about an issue that you want to work through.
  • Discuss tools and methods to solve these issues using both Life Coaching as well as Energy Healing techniques.
  • Come up, together, with a break through action list.
  • Discuss how you can get more by signing up for a complete Tuning Inwards Transformational Life Coaching & Energy Healing package.

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