How to Work with Crystals

Crystals for Energy Balancing Crystals are popular tools for Energy balancing practices. Because Crystals have their own vibrations, they change vibrations in the body and environment. Crystals for Meditation & Mindfulness Using Crystals for Meditation and Mindfulness is a powerful way to combine energies and expand consciousness. Certain crystal can help propel you deeper intoContinue reading “How to Work with Crystals”

NEW!!! Crystals & Candles

Introducing Crystal Infused Healing Candles I am taking my alchemy one step further by introducing handmade Crystal Infused Healing Candles. Each Candle is created with intention and infused and charged with healing energy. These Candles can be used for a variety of purposes to promote your health and well being. The Crystals help amplify theContinue reading “NEW!!! Crystals & Candles”