Crystal Alchemy: Part 2

You learnt in the previous article, last week that our body has a unique frequency at which it vibrates. Your body is obviously made up of organs, as well as your thoughts and beliefs which also vibrate at different frequencies (enter Law of Attraction). Meridians, what Acupuncturists follow to administer treatment, run through your bodyContinue reading “Crystal Alchemy: Part 2”

Crystal Alchemy: Part 4

Keeping crystals in your environment or wearing them can certainly have positive effects on your life. However, you can also incorporate Crystal Healing Energy into your life in more fun ways. 1. MAKE CRYSTAL ELIXIRS. Crystal elixirs are made by adding Crystals to Water. When a crystal is left in water for several hours (usuallyContinue reading “Crystal Alchemy: Part 4”


And finally, we move from that which is physical to that which is spirit. Transmutation The process of Transmutation begins with you taking charge of your inner world. Every mystical experience is individually tailored for your journey that makes life more interesting, magical and mysterious. When we choose to view every experience and part of theContinue reading “THE ALCHEMY OF CHANGE (PART 3)”


Moving forward from the Transformation stage, by continuing to question our realities, we begin to gain a better understanding of our inner selves, the universe we live in, and our purpose in life. We begin to let go of the old, to make room for the new. We begin to Transcend life’s normality.  Transcending meansContinue reading “THE ALCHEMY OF CHANGE (PART 2)”


One of the things that I believe in, as an Energy Intuitive and Teacher, is the Alchemy of Change. As humans, we were not created to remain the same. We are an ever-evolving race and this means learning to transform, transcend and transmute at all times. Change is inevitable and usually painful, but if doneContinue reading “THE ALCHEMY OF CHANGE (PART 1)”

The Hero’s Journey, through Tarot

In recent months, I have been asked by many of you Why do I read Tarot? I believe Tarot is a Wonderful tool for self-discovery and development. This ancient system is built on a solid foundation of depth and awareness. It is full of opportunities to learn more about yourself every time you draw aContinue reading “The Hero’s Journey, through Tarot”