The Butterfly Effect

“It used to be thought that the events that changed the world were things like big bombs, maniac politicians, huge earthquakes, or vast population movements, but it has now been realized that this is a very old-fashioned view held by people totally out of touch with modern thought. The things that really change the world,Continue reading “The Butterfly Effect”


APPROACHING THE NEW YEAR WITH A MINDSET OF ABUNDANCE    48% of the American population quit their jobs this year with the intention of being self-employed. There was a surge in numbers of online businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs, hair and fashion channels, food porn, and tik tok presenters. What made these people throw away their seemingly satisfactoryContinue reading “THE SKY IS THE LIMIT   “


MASTER 2022 WITH MANIFESTNG WITH NUMBERS P2 A manifestation is something you create into physical reality through intentional thoughts, feelings, or beliefs. In other words, whatever you focus on with intention, will come to being. What you think, you make into reality! Manifesting is a powerful act that requires a great deal of meditation, visualization, andContinue reading “MASTER 2022 WITH MANIFESTNG WITH NUMBERS P2”


Many people do not know that our physical form is not the only form of that we have. Nor are they aware that we, human beings, are multidimensional beings with a number of “bodies”. We refer to these bodies as “subtle bodies”. These subtle bodies vibrate at different frequencies and interact energetically with both theContinue reading “EXPLORING OUR SUBTLE BODIES: I”

Sacred Geometry: Part 4

LOOKING AT LIFE THROUGH THE SACRED LENSE:  SACRED GEOMETRY PART 4 As we have seen over the past weeks, Sacred Geometry shapes allow us to reach into our inner worlds and connect with the outer world by expanding our consciousness on many levels. Every Sacred shape has a specific energetic vibration and intention, and feelingContinue reading “Sacred Geometry: Part 4”


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