Quantum Creativity

While studying for my PhD in Metaphysics, I often came across this term “Quantum Creativity”. It sounded pretty fancy until I took a deeper look at it and realized that you and I QUANTUM CREATE our lives every single day. Here’s how:

The word quantum generally means “smallest amount of something”. Quantum Creativies, like you and I simply need “the smallest amount of something” to manifest our realities. Something as small as a single word, a thought, a feeling and emotion.

Deepak Chopra is my all time favourite author, and I was excited when I got a chance to re-read his work for my thesis. His book, “Quantum Healing” is based on the principle that while we are responsible for creating our illnesses (through our thoughts, feeling and emotions) we are also able to heal ourselves, again, through our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

As Quantum Creator, we must therefore be very conscious about what we allow into our mind, body and heart.

Have you ever noticed how you feel in a crowd that is engaged in negative conversation? Although you may not have actively participated in the gossip, judging or complaining, by simply being there you allowed yourself to be part of the negativity. What happens next? You walk away feeling low and miserable, a dark cloud seems to loom over your disposition until you shake it off with something else (which could also have a negative connotation, for me it was emotional eating).

What happened? I gained weight, got Type 2 Diabetes and a host of other illnesses all because I was compromising my wellbeing just to be a people-please, a part of the crowd and my social circle.

If you have watched the movie, “What the Bleep Do we Know?!” the art of Quantum Creativity is well explained bringing in an emotional component too.

Your life is created based on your words your thoughts, your feelings and emotions. This is why it is important to be mindful of our words and our thoughts, because it is a law of the universe that God creates what we say – the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember, you have free will to call forth anything you want in your life.

You are a powerful and magical being with a magic wand full of thoughts, words and feelings that craft your reality. Use your wand wisely. Remember, it only takes “something small” to create what you want.

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