Lucid Living

LUCID = Clear

Dear Reader,

Here is a question that I would like you to ponder on: Do you have lucidity on your life?

In the past when I have asked this question, I have received a lot of “Yes, I know what I want! But, I am not sure how to get it!” or “Yes, but it will never be possible” responses.

So today, I want to write about how you can turn things around and reach that life that you desire.

Since we were young, we have been told, and in some cases shown, how to do things. That we will only reach our goals and realize our desired if we do this or that or the other. We are limited to the options that are presented to us.

Often, these options don’t really offer much reprieve or end up taking us further away from our dreams and desires. We end up getting frustrated, demotivated and in the end giving up, falling into the trap of “this will never come true”.

Firstly, you need to release any thought that lead you to believe that these ideas cannot be possible. Believe that they are, so that you can bring them into possibility. By doing this, you doorways to other dimensions, perceptions, and energies that are coming in and saying, “Hey, I exist too, have you considered me? Have you thought of me being a possibility to get you to where you want to be?“

In the world of metaphysics, everything is lucid.  Lucidity means knowing that there are multiple possibilities that exist, that can lead us to the life we desire, including the ones that we don’t know exist or have ever thought could be exist. And we have to do is put them into existence by being aware that they exist, and that we can access them at any given time.

Leading a life that you have purposefully desired means that you have let gone and released all the energies that are holding you and creating stagnation, lack, limitation, fear, worry, doubt, shame, guilt, oppression, suppression, all the negative low vibrating stuff.

Release all these doubtful thoughts and believe that you are going to tap into the universal consciousness and tap into possibilities beyond your understanding that exist for you.

What beliefs are holding you back? And what are you tapping into?

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