Sacred Geometry: Part 4


As we have seen over the past weeks, Sacred Geometry shapes allow us to reach into our inner worlds and connect with the outer world by expanding our consciousness on many levels.

Every Sacred shape has a specific energetic vibration and intention, and feeling of energy. Many healers incorporate these shapes into their daily practices, such as meditation, where, using Sacred Geometry can bring about an energetic shift in one’s consciousness, bringing about immense healing and alignment.

But you might be wondering, how does Sacred Geometry impact my life?

Most of us think may think that while it is definitely interesting to know about Sacred Geometry, they cannot be useful to anyone who is not a mathematician, architect, or engineer. However, evidence shows otherwise.

Sacred Geometry, which has been around for hundreds of years and been part of almost every religion and culture, provide us with the fundamental understanding of ourselves.  They are said to be the building blocks of everything that starts of as nothing, and eventually finds its way into the universe. If we are to understand who we are, we need to understand the cosmic patterns that make up our world.

The great thing about Sacred Geometry is that you can connect to the shapes, anytime, not necessarily when only meditating or having a healing session. As you go about your day, make it a point to bring your attention and awareness back to the present moment and become mindful of all that is around you. Observe and feel the sacred shapes that make your world around you. Remember, everything is connected: people, objects, nature, everything.

During the Pandemic, a lot of people adopted a hobby of creating and coloring beautiful mandalas. Mandala, circle in “Sanskrit” is a pattern made up of symbols and shapes within a circle. You can often see the Flower of Life or Seed of Life in a mandala, among other shapes.

The Mandala is a great tool to use for mindfulness and meditation. As you draw the intricate patterns within the circle, think about your inner landscape. You will be surprised just how much will be revealed about yourself and your soul. When drawn during times of stress and anxiety, many have said to experience feelings of inner peace and calm.

So, take a look around you and discover where Sacred Geometry can be found in your life. And once your find it, simply connects to the patter of life, and watch the magic unfold.

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