Sacred Geometry: Part 2


Last week we had our first look at Sacred Geometry. We now know that by arranging itself in patterns and cycles, nature is able to better express itself, as seen in snail shells and flower petals. When you take time to notice and recognize the significance of this arrangement, you begin to understand how geometry is point where all life stems from.

Still not convinced? Let’s break down the word Geometry, which finds its root in the Greek word “Geo” (meaning Earth) and “Metron” (meaning To Measure). Put together these two words mean “Earthly Measurements”. Sacred Geometric shapes can bring to us deep ancient wisdom that can unveil greater codes linked to life and creation of the Universe itself.

For Instance, I know for a fact that Sacred Geometry can aid with healing and empowerment of individuals. This happens because sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit, and creates harmony within ourselves, and between ourselves and the outside world. This is why it is sometimes also called “Sacred Architecture”, the remnants of which can still be found in old places of worship.

Sacred geometry shapes are like codes that assist you in your journey of life by bringing about a deeper connection to your true self. It can be used to open up pathways and doorways to the infinite realms, as well as the connection to the oneness of all life, in nature and the whole world around us. Sacred geometry brings about certain effects of healing, harmonizing and rebalancing on all levels.

The basis of Sacred Geometry can be found in the “Platonic Solids” that are considered the building blocks of the universe. Did you know that each element on the periodic table can also be reduced into the frequency of one of these Platonic Solids? For now, let’s take a closer look at these Sacred Shapes and see how we can find them in the world around us.

For Instance, the Triangle, simple as it may appear, symbolizes balance, harmony, and completion. No wonder the Triangle is an ancient symbol of the divine union. It’s the strongest shape which is the culmination of mind, body, and spirit.

With the Circle comes wholeness, oneness and unity. The Olympics uses five circles of varying colors to symbolize unity of all races and nations.

The Square is a symbol for strength and stability. Have you ever noticed the Great Pyramids are built on a square?

Another common symbol of Sacred Geometry is the Flower of Life, which contains the Seed of Life. These interlocking series of circles form one of the most intricate patterns that represent unity of creation. We are all one. Going back to the circle, it is said that the Circle was the first thought of God, which was then replicated to form the Vesica Picsis, two interlocking circle. The space between these two circles is known as the womb of creation. Placing seven of these patterns together forms the seed of life, and by further replicating the Seed of life, we get the flower of life, which in it contains all ancient codes from Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man and the Tree of Life from the mystical Jewish teachings of the Kabalah.

And finally, we look at the famous Spiral. Did you know that all shapes come back to the Spiral? The galaxy is in the shape of the Spiral. Energy moved in spirals. The Kundalini, which is the symbol for awakened consciousness, is also a Spiral. The Spiral is also found in the DNA of each cell.

Next week we will take a much closer look at this very intricate and special shape, the Spiral.

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