Many people do not know that our physical form is not the only form of that we have. Nor are they aware that we, human beings, are multidimensional beings with a number of “bodies”. We refer to these bodies as “subtle bodies”. These subtle bodies vibrate at different frequencies and interact energetically with both the physical and non-physical worlds. They are the different energetic layers that comprise your aura or auric energy system.

There are many energetic layers that surround the Physical Body and are not visible to the physical eyes.  Each plane has its own set of Subtle Bodies.

In this week’s article, we will explore the three Energy Planes that surround the body.

The first of these planes is  the Physical Plane . This is where the Physical body is contained, and it is where we start our journey towards becoming awakened beings. It is also where the first three Subtle Layers reside. These are the Etheric, Astral and Soul bodies.

The Second Plane is the Cosmic Plane. Here is where a human moves from being aware and awakened to becoming more spiritual. This is also the plane where the next three Sublte Bodies reside. These are the Spirit, Atma and Cosmic.

Finally we have the Divine Plane. Besides being the development plane of the next set of Subtle bodies, it is also where we move from being aware and awakend spiritual beiings to Divine Consious beings. Through the Light and Divine subtle bodies, we are able to become the creators of our desitines.

By knowing and understanding these Planes, one is able to navigate through their Spiritual Journey. We are going to dedicare the month of October towards understanding our Energetic bodies, how we can use them to improve your heath and enery and how to navigate the challenges in your everyday life.

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