Splendid September

August was quite an amazing month! With the Crystal Alchemy Course kicking off with Nine beautiful participants all ready and geared up to build their connection with Crystals and to start incorporating them in their daily practices.

I tool a personal break from one-on-one healing session, allowing myself time to adapt to other vagaries that required my time and energy. I also took time to look after my own personal energy, something we all need to remember to do once in a while.

And, I’m really looking forward to what September has in store for us! Take a look:

Become your Own Alchemist Module 2

After the successful completion of Module 1, I will be launching Module 2 of the Become your own Alchemist course in October. A wait list will be going out soon. The feedback from the participants of the first module has been tremendous and so positive, I am in awe. It’s really amazing to see how the new found knowledge has really changed and impacted their life for the better.

Stay tuned for the waitlist.

Crystal Alchemy Cohort 2

I have to admit, Crystal Alchemy has been one of my most fun courses to teach. Crystals are such fun and amazing little things! Not to mention very powerful if you know how to use them!

I will be rolling our Cohort 2 in October as well. The waitlist is already full for this cohort, and I am really excited to get to teach this again.

Upcoming Workshops


I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Conscious Gaia and together we will be providing in-person Workshops at their venue.

I will be leading monthly workshops all centered around Energy Healing. The workshops are built around those who are new to Energy Healing, or would like to curb their curiosity.

Keep and eye on details for monthly posts.

Spiritual Awakening Podcasts


Karen and I are really excited about putting together this Podcast. Anyone who has ever wondered about what Spiritual Awakening is, and what it feels like and, most importantly what is leads to, should be on the show.

We will be launching in September, so stay tuned!

New in the Apothecary

I’ve grown my apothecary! I now have the following to offer you at very affordable prices:

  • Crystal Tumblestones and More
  • Crystal Bracelets
  • Essential Oils
  • Sage & Palo Santo

I’ve not put these up on the website yet, but feel free to reach out to me if you do need anything.

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