Crystal Alchemy

I’d like to invite you all into the magical world of Crystals. You may have seen those pretty shiny rocks being sold at alternative healing shops; some have them as décor at home, and others like to wear them as jewelry. Well, you are about to discover much more about them.

Generally, crystals are highly organized atoms that form solid shapes. Metaphysically, crystals are something else altogether. They are still rocks, but they are also natural materials with consciousness and a high vibrational frequency.

Personally, I consider Crystals to be great healing gifts from nature. Crystals alter vibrations of all forms of matter around them, raising it to newer, higher levels. This shift in vibration can help bring about healing of the body, mind, and spirit, should you allow it.

Crystals, like all other forms of matter (plants, animals, and people) and consciousness (thoughts, ideas, and intentions), are actually comprised of a vibrational frequency that is  held together by energy force fields to create what we perceive in our three-dimensional world as solid, unmoving shapes.

Crystals & Energy Healing

As mentioned above, we are, at our most basic level, made up of the same vibrational energy as Crystals, only that we vibrate at different frequencies.

The vibrational energy in crystals affects the vibrations of other forms of matter around them, including us. There is a principle of physics called “entrainment” that states, when objects with different frequencies come into contact – or at least are near one another – they entrain to one another. One object’s energy drops and the other rises until they are vibrating at the same frequency.

It is through entrainment that crystals affect (and are affected by) the energy of everything around them. Since everything is vibrating at its own frequency, when one thing is placed next to another, they meet in the middle and begin to vibrate at the same rate.

So how do Crystal bring about Healing? Crystals tend to have a very high vibration. People tend to have lower vibration. Therefore, when we come into contact or are near a crystal vibrating at a higher frequency than we are, our vibration raises and the crystal’s vibration lowers until both meet somewhere in the middle.

This is how crystals can heal – by raising our vibrational rates to a higher frequency, which can bring about energetic shifts that affect body, mind, and spirit.

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