Crystal Alchemy: Part 3

How do you know which Crystal works for what? Or How do you which Crystal to choose when?

I’ve often had to answer these questions when teaching Crystal Alchemy. But here is what I believe about crystals:  As much as we like to choose a crystal based on its color, shape, properties, a crystal chooses you just as much.

When you work with crystals, it is more like a collaboration between your consciousness and the energy that the crystal contains.

So, when you choose a crystal to work with, it’s more about finding the best energetic fit. And here are some ways that you can do this:

  1. Seek Guidance:  Before selecting a crystal, take a moment to think about what you need the crystal for, and then, let yourself be guided towards what you are drawn to. For instance if you are using crystals to clear your heart chakra, you might think that you need a rose quartz, but then, following your inner guidance you might be drawn towards an Emerald, or a Jade.
  2. Get Physical: if you prefer to go the physical contact way, then pick up crystal one and time in your non-dominant hand and pay attention to the energy. If you feel some type of “connection”, then it’s a match.
Cleansing your Crystals.

Before you begin to use your crystal, you must cleanse (not clean) them. Cleaning means ridding the crystal of any dormant, stagnant or negative energy that it may have gathered at the shop. There must have other people who may have picked it up, and the crystal may have absorbed their energies.

So, in order to return the crystal to its original frequency, you must cleanse it. Your can do this through:

  1. Smudging: Use the smoke from sage or palo santo
  2. Sound Cleansing where you place your crystals a few at a time in a singing bowl and ring the singing bowl.
  3. Placing them under the light of the Moon or the sunlight for a couple of hours.

It is important to cleanse your crystals at least once a week. If you have picked up a piece of crystal jewelry then you may need to cleanse this more often.

Getting Crystals to Work for you

Although each crystal works in a particular way, you can always set your own intensions for how you need them to work. This is known as Programming a crystal. Remember to always program them with good intentions for the highest good of all.

Always remember to express gratitude for your crystals. Sometimes, they work without you even realizing.

Also, pay attention to the subtle messages your crystals have for you. Depending on your vibrational match, you may be drawn towards a particular crystal or you may feel like giving some away because you no longer need them.

Your crystals are in constant communication with you. Once you tune into their energy, you can hear the messages they send via your thoughts and intuition. In doing so, you accept crystals into your life as partners on your spiritual journey.

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