And finally, we move from that which is physical to that which is spirit.


The process of Transmutation begins with you taking charge of your inner world.

Every mystical experience is individually tailored for your journey that makes life more interesting, magical and mysterious. When we choose to view every experience and part of the alchemical process and journey to wards transformation, we begin to turn “stops into steps”.

By choosing to view everything, including our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes as energy and vibration, we create a reality that is in alignment with your highest self. Your goal then becomes to “Be in this world but not of it”.

Transmutation, in Spiritual Alchemy, is about working with Universal laws and forces. When you begin to understand and know how to work with vibration and energy, miracles happen. You begin to transmute energy into matter, through manifestation and law of attraction, or then transmute matter back into energy, for instance healing diseases.

Remember, it is not only you, the human, capable of this, but your entire being: you, your Higher Self and The All that it is part of.

Transmutation is all about claiming and attaining spiritual Mastery. We come to see that we are not separate from the energy of the universe or from spirit, for everything comes from and is part of the same Source. From this knowing, we claim our power as creators, using intention to transmute energy for manifesting, healing, and other purposes. It’s time to Claim your Power.

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