Leading an Empowered Life Part 3 : Activities…

Do we truly know how to lead a good life? Do we know what truths we need to seek in order to understand what would make a difference between pain and suffering in our life? How do we recognize a wise choice from a foolish one?

Realizing that you are already on the road to empowerment can be just as illuminating as it is intimidating. One thing is for certain: Becoming empowered changes you in ways you did not expect. You discover your Inner Self, and you will experience both highs at once: you will become at times the most frightening, exciting, intimidating “you” that you have ever encountered, not to mention everyone else in your life.

Here are a few activities that you can begin today to start leading a more empowered life:

1. Contemplate.
Contemplation involves thinking continuously about something. When this kind of reflective activity goes very deep, when a person becomes still and highly focused, contemplation becomes increasingly like meditation. Solutions to life’s problems sometimes appear spontaneously at such times.

2. Spend Time In Nature.
Spending time with nature is one of the most empowering activities that we can do to help us achieve optimal well-being. A study shows that spending time in nature dramatically reduces stress and is also anti-inflammatory. Go for hikes. Spend time on a beach by the ocean or a lake. It can be a wonderful way to rejuvenate yourself.

3. Read An Uplifting Book.
Reading an inspirational book is one activity that will help get more connected with your soul.

4. Practice Silence.
Practising silence is often mistaken as keeping your mouth shut and being quiet. However, to practice silence is a state of mind where we can listen and appreciate the sounds of silence, seek the solace that silence streams and rejoice with silence. Silence allows you to see your strengths and weaknesses, thus allowing you to connect with your inner self.

5. Show Compassion.
When was the last time you were shown some kindness by a total stranger? When was the last time you performed a random act of kindness towards someone you don’t know? Kindness has a boomerang effect. When we show kindness to others, no matter how small or big the act, we experience kindness coming back to us. When we are kind, our soul opens, expands and embraces the world.

6. Let Go.
Why is letting go so important? Most people find it hard to let go especially if they are too attached to someone or something – whether it’s a relationship, material things, or probably a goal or ambition. However, we should realize that everything in this world keeps on changing, and it is very important to let go if we think that something is not working anymore.

You may have all the things that you need in this world – food, shelter, money, and all of those material things – however, you should not forget that leading an Empowered Life, one that is full of conscious awareness, is also essential for your well-being. What have you practised to lead an Empowered Life?

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