Spirituality and Mysticism in our times…

I consider myself to be both Spiritual and a Mystic. In fact, this is how I introduce myself in my healing vocation. A number of individuals have come back to me and asked me what this means, so today, let me help you understand what Spirituality and Mysticism mean in today’s time and age.

Mysticism is a part of Spirituality, which happens to be our union with Reality.  Spirituality talks about mankind being in a long and forgotten slumber; Mysticism is dedicated to awakening our physical, mental, and emotional systems, thereby gaining entrance into the next stage of co-creation, both individually and collectively.

In my interest and study of the mystic path, I have found it to be very powerful, practical, and quite evolutionary.  It brings with it a joy that passes understanding, an immense surge of creativity, an instant uprush of kindness and tolerance that makes me want to be a champions for the betterment of all, a peacemaker, a pathfinder.

Mysticism, and spirituality in general, seem to be on the rise during these times of intense change and stress. We live in a time in which more and more history is happening faster and faster than we can make sense of. Our time enforced habits and beliefs are beginning to crumble and are crashing down like the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. We are being asked to awaken through these dark times and invite our Spiritual Self to break open.

So, you might ask, how can one break open and allow our self to unite with our “real” reality?  I have found Evelyn Underhill’s work, Mysticism, she presents the mystic path as a series of eight organic stages: here is a brief explanation of these eight stages.

Awakening – You suddenly realize that you are part of a much larger universe and that everything is connected to everything else. Purification – Your old ways of existence are abandoned and whatever knowledge or insights you may have gained during your awakening come in to play. You no longer tread blindly along the path of your unexamined life, instead you begin to look for ways in which you can create purity and beauty in the world.

Illumination – You find yourself being illumined by the light of bliss. You see beauty and meaning and pattern everywhere.

Voices and Visions – You start to  see, hear, sense with more than just your five senses — Things that you have never seen before, such as beings of different dimensions, angels, archetypes, figures from other times and realms, all start to appear. 

Introversion – You start turning inwards, to meet and receive Reality in its fullness. It results in daily spiritual practices, bringing the inner and the outer life together in a new way.

Ecstasy and Rapture –  You have been, thus far preparing your mind, body and spirit (including your emotions and psyche) for the “Divine Presence”.  This union happens in the sixth stage and everything that had been previously keeping this Reality at bay, are cleared.  

Dark Night  of the Soul – Alas, all that goes up must come down. Suddenly the joy is gone, and you are left to face the remaining shadows of your old forms and habits, preparing you still further for the next, and final stage. 

Unity  with One Reality – You find yourself to exist in the state of union with the One Reality. Nothing seems impossible, and everything becomes possible. You become world changers and a world server. You become a center for energy,  a partner  and guides for others seeking spiritual vitality. You glow from within, and set others glowing. 

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