Emotional Freedom in an Emotional World

“Always, emotional freedom involves choosing where you put your attention.”

― Judith Orloff

Since the beginning of 2020, life has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster ride for me. We are now embarking on the second half of this journey into 2020, and things  have not gotten any better.

There have been instances where anxiety has been so rampant, but I have not been able to express myself because, well we know, we have to consider where we are and amongst whom. Holding my emotions within has been quite hard, as I am sure for it has been for most of us, who are used to “freely” expressing themselves.

This got me thinking. that in order to “observe” the calm and order, are we free when we are required to tamp down any emotions that disrupt the flow of our work or our relationships? Are we free when we have permission to express any and all emotion, but in a tempered manner, no matter the degree of extremity that we are experiencing that emotion in? 

Are we free when we are encouraged to experience positive emotions such as bliss or peace and unsupported when we feel negative ones such as anger or anxiety?

Conscious awareness encourages us to be open to our emotions and to learn how to understand what they mean. It forces us into a deeper awareness of our interior life with all of its facets and nuances. 

Conscious awareness encourages full engagement – with the physical senses, with our  intuition, with our deep-down desires, and with our emotions. 

Emotional freedom asks that we learn how to discern our personal inner landscape from what affects us externally. If we want to be truly free, we will have to acknowledge our emotions, receive them, feel them, and reflect on them. Emotions are powerful tools in the life; they are indicators of what is happening within us. And if we learn to accept them as gifts in the human experience, we can begin to work with them in healthy ways.

Take a moment to reflect on how you have dealt with your emotions this week. How others taught you to deal with them, how you have in fact worked with them, or how you have avoided working with them. Most of us have lived a combination of engagement and avoidance in the area of emotions. Try to identify your own patterns and work through them to understand what is actually taking away your Emotional Freedom.

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