Getting Grounded in an Ungrounded World…

Being connected to life. Returning home to yourself. Serving others. You were made for this awakening. Get grounded!

I was not brought up in a culture that revered the Earth, nor taught that that God resides in plants, animals, the sky, in the oceans, as well as in me as me. I never understood that to be connected to Nature and the Earth was essential to put me in touch with the wholeness of myself and the Universe.

Once my Spiritual Journey Began, “Getting Grounded” was necessary.  My Spiritual Mentor taught me how to communicate with Nature and with my feet connected to the rhythms and cycles of the earth, I began to feel home in many new ways.

We live in a fast-paced, data-oriented, way of life that can feel both exhilarating and overwhelming. In all this “living”, we forget the importance of returning to the present moment. Do you know that you can relax into your feet right where they are? You can plant your awareness into the Earth, take a conscious breath, and become aware of every sensation in your body?

Our bodies share a vibrational relationship with the Earth. If someone asked you right now to “get grounded,” how long would it take you to still your mind, to call yourself forward from the past or back from the future and simply place your attention on your present rising and falling breath?

We can all return to our grounded self. In fact, we must. Grounding helps our bodies access higher and more subtle levels of energy, It helps us connect to life, to return home to ourselves.

In case you are wondering How to Ground, here is a tip:

Begin in a standing or seated position and feel where you are touching the earth. Become aware of that connection, and use your senses to connect with the earth. It helps to imagine roots growing from the base of your spine into the center of the earth. Pay attention to this and allow it to expand and strengthen, bringing to you a sense of solidarity. Allow the energy of the earth to run up through your feet, up your legs and into your hips, followed by a release of that energy down through you grounding at the base of your spine.

This process is most easily accessed while standing or sitting still, but as you continue to ground yourself, you will be able to connect with the process while walking, and trust me, you will be left with true sense of feeling held by the earth, grounded in a way that feels important, nurtured and alive.

Happy Grounding!

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