Is Healing Necessary?

Healing is necessary on a Soul, Mind and Physical Level (mind you, this also includes your environment).

Sometimes, our mental, physical and spiritual “bodies” are not in sync. We go through certain, thoughts, feeling and emotions that we cannot understand or reason out where they are coming from. Because the the soul has no language, this is it’s way of telling us that something is wrong and we need to sit and take stock of what is happening in our life at that moment.

When something needs our attention, and we are unable to tend to it, our soul tries to get our attention through nightmares, or lucid dreams. If we still go past us without adhering to the messages, our soul’s energy is disturbed and blockages start to happen which manifest in the body in the form of physical aches and pains, unwanted behaviours such as cravings or addictions, uncontrollable anger or crying.

If this gets ignored, we can then expect to go through chronic illness, depression, which may eventually lead to a “Spiritual Awakening”, where if not taken care of properly, can lead to it’s own set of problems.

So yes, healing is necessary for you to transform the pain into light, and grow into your full potential. It is not an easy process, but think of the caterpillar in it’s cocoon where it then emerges as a beautiful butterfly after going through the harshest of experiences.

Your inner work is your responsibility. There is honestly, no point in doing energy soul work with you if you go back out in the world and do what you were doing before you came to me. You could attract it all back in again. This is where the mind work comes in.

After working on your inner self, and understanding how the thought patterns that you have formed around your life, you can re-map them, and change your ideas about yourself and how you perceive the world, so that you have a more positive self-image, so that you feel more confident and grow into your power so that you no longer have to chase your dreams, but have your dreams find you.

I can assure you, once you embark on your healing journey, your life will ever be the same.

Are you ready to embark on your own Personal Spiritual Journey

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