Should You See a Coach, Healer or Therapist?

Unlike Life Coaching and Psychotherapy, traditional healing does not work directly with the mind. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck in our emotional bodies and need complimentary healing methods that allow our minds to align with our emotional selves, and stay in balance with where we are on our journey. As I offer all three in my practice, here are my opinions on where each modality comes in during my healing sessions.


When I do healing work with a client, I actually hold space for the client to facilitate their own healing. It can be small subtle shifts in their energies, or it could be very powerful. It all depends on where the client is on their journey in life, and what they have come to heal.


The Psyche is the totality of the human mind, how we are made the way we are. Psychotherapy goes deeper, looking at how past issues shaped you so that you can understand how you react to things, and why you do the things you do. Some people will see a psychotherapist to help them make sense of their findings, but psychotherapy doesn’t heal. Psychotherapy helps you discover what needs healing.

Life Coaching

You can imagine an athlete swimming laps with the coach keeping time, blowing the whistle, telling the athlete to swim faster, to slow down, to change posture – That is the job of a coach : to get you motivated, to help you set goals, to lay out a plan and to help you achieve your goals. Life coaching looks at your whole life. Be it work, home, social and relationships, Life Coaching helps you structure your life better so that you can feel happier, healthier and more confident about who you are.

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