Tuning Inwards

There is no doubt that we have been hit with one of the most trying times of our lives, and many of us are finding it difficult to cope with the circumstances. Just like many of you, I too have caught myself spiraling through a stairwell of anxiety and uncertainty.

We all know and understand that worrying about things will not get us anywhere. And so, I would like to invite you all to take up a weekly practice of “Tuning Inwards”. To create a sacred space within you that is free of worry and anxiety, that allows you to tap into the peace and calm within you. All you need to do, each week is to set aside a few minutes and practice the prompts presented to you.


Gratitude changes a lot of things. Practicing Gratitude is the first step in programming our minds to focus on the now, and the positive, while releasing any attachment to the future and any negative thoughts.

This week, spend some time thinking or writing about the things that you are thankful for: the morning sunshine, the toast on your breakfast table, your family, your kids, your home, the flowers smiling back at you, your job, or whatever else it may be.

Change your mindset towards things that you are not so grateful for: Instead of “I don’t think I can work from home any longer” think about all the opportunities this might present you with to tend to all the things you have been putting off till now.

This change in outlook can bring about many subtle positive changes throughout many aspects of your life. Begin with one area and see the magic of gratitude unfold in all areas of your life.

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