Self Love in the time of Corona

These are testing times. In addition to all the precautions we are taking to keep ourselves and our loved one’s “safe” and “engaged”, many of us are dealing with heightened states of anxiety. So while we are busy fighting to maintain normalcy amidst the chaos, are we considering our emotional health?

From a spiritual standpoint, self-love isn’t something that we feel all the time. It is an unshakeable state of compassion that reaches inwards to embrace our experiences – no matter how fearful, confused, or overwhelmed we may be.

Unlike physical fitness, where we tend to feel empowered by the challenges of life, emotional fitness means allowing ourself to flow freely through the ever-changing currents of life, enabling us to thrive under pressure, handle the daily demands of life with greater ease, and feel more aligned with our soul’s highest purpose.

Here are some helpful tips to help you increase your emotional health, as a gift of healing for yourself and everyone you love:

  1. Breathe. Emotional health begins with the breath. Just as breathing is essential for our survival, focusing on our breath increases our emotional wellbeing. Take a moment to savor your breath and tune inwards throughout the day.
  1. Create your own personal mantra. Sometimes, we get left out of hearing words that we need to hear. This begins with holding yourself in high esteem and choosing things which foster your wellbeing. Creating your own personal mantra – a set of complimentary words of encouragement such as “I am safe”, “I matter”, “I believe in me”, “I love you”, – helps bring out the highest potential in us and others. We recognize that we have the power to say the words we have been waiting for others to say to us.
  1. Show GratitudeTo yourself and others too. During these times, we often find ourselves being pre-occupied with thoughts revolving around Corona. We often forget our acts of kindness, patience and generosity. By focusing on the positive and showing gratitude towards others, we increase our emotional fitness which reflects in our confidence.

By becoming aware of how we feel, we support the evolution of our total well-being. Whether it means taking breathing breaks during the day, repeating our personal mantras, or celebrating the good things that we and others do, we are increasing our emotional fitness and moving towards a more peaceful and heart-centered world.

Lastly, self-love isn’t about being selfish, in fact the more you love and respect yourself the easier it will be for your to love, respect and help others. The most common example is from the aviation industry where putting “Your Oxygen Mask On” means taking Care of You First before helping others.

Be the change you wish to see. Begin with YOU.

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